Status update Summer 2023

PHANTOMWORKS was an underground micro-label specialising in ultra-limited runs of high-quality ‘phantom’ private releases of recordings/formats that were never officially released.

a.k.a  ‘PHANTOMWORKS PRODUCTIONS‘,  & ‘The Phantomworks’

The WORKS also created other related projects under the same overall design and production umbrella.

e.g GINNIS BUKOV RECORDS featured selected unofficial special-edition reissues of rare releases in contemporary formats.

The Coroner Flag Series and Coroner Black Series featured live Coroner concert recordings in themed packaging, the vast majority of which had no previous physical release.


Trading store status: PERMANENTLY CLOSED

Links for browsing the trading store: ALL PAST LINKS HAVE NOW EXPIRED.


Stock status: NONE AVAILABLE

Commissions: No new bespoke projects accepted

Collectors/Traders: Do not enquire about availability of listed releases at this time, assume none available.


Current website purpose is purely to house an online archive of design creations by The Phantomworks.

The presence of items on this site is not to be construed as an indication that these items are, have been, or will ever be, available to anyone outside the Phantomworks.